Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hare Rama Hare Krishna - God; Demigod or supersoul !!

Today is Krishna Janmastami and it is followed all over India and also the world. The book "Bhagavadgita as it is" is sold more in foreign countries than in India.

I did read this book and tried to understand the lord's philosophy and am trying to share my understanding.

The earth and the universe are the lord's creation. He is the sole creator of everything all that is here
( sun moon nature and people and their activities ) is his energy.

Okay;So what is all this that lord is trying to convey to the world. He has given all the materialistic things for you to enjoy; explore yourself; identify yourself and your purpose and chose the path to go back. The path could be goodness;passionate or ignorant.

Goodness is following your purpose while enjoying the pleasures of the world with an understanding that you are part of  the lord's creation and have to go back to him and take things in a detached and equanimous way.

Passion is doing things overly with greed for everything and attachment.

Ignorance is all about being ignorant of all that is available in nature and also not think about liberation.

He is the Supersoul watching all the time; you are free to choose any path but he will neither use nor force you to follow his philosophy. He will liberate folks who follow his path and are never required to return to life on earth in any form but stay put with him in his adobe.

He says that it is your right to do so and have all the right to fight for righteousness till death against anybody including your folks. He will support in instilling dharma and righteousness in the world.

Lord is happy to live through them and enjoy his creation in their happiness. He never forces the path but all he tells is to liberate yourself.

In this advanced era people can afford to be super souls hearing all the souls of the world but it is not possible for them to be gods as they are not here permanently and have to go back sometime. God may be there or not there as nobody has seen but its all in the values that we have set for ourselves and the values that invisible god teaches us; super souls also have values and culture and intent and communicate that at the soul level if it all it is possible and is ethical. What makes us what we are the values and we have to choose our God / DemiGod or Super Soul who have the powers of god or almost god with their own objectives; people are the best judges what to choose.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Re-vitalizing the Global Education System and child labor

The best thing about childhood is education; going to school and enjoying the childhood and becoming the citizens of tomorrow.

In the developed world kids are very focussed on studies or not that focussed even the governments make education free.

In India and most of the emerging economies it is the funding problem that forces the kids to move out of school. In Middle East and countries with civil war is robbing children from their childhood all together not just school.

In india and in most countries there is gap in skill that the current education system provides and what is need in the industry. This is another case in point.

I saw a program in Al-Jazeera about kids dropping out from schools in countries like Mexico; Nigeria; India and so on. The reason is the kids do not find it interesting any more and also poverty is forcing them out of schools. They are happy to be away from school and make a living and help the parents.

I am of the opinion that education or learning can happen in all forms; my friend had said once "learn how to learn". Kids do not want school and they are happy to work and earn - this creates lots of opportunities to revitalize the education system that can create better individuals; better society and better world.

So what can be done - well i am not an expert in this but i am trying to present my case based on information gathered from the media; else-where and my own understanding.

the school teaches basic science; maths; social and language. The books are written from the practical part of the world - the real world. We cannot write fiction for text books well at least i am not aware of that education system.
The kids who get into work seem to enjoy that and are in fact evincing interest to learn more in that particular field while they are earning money at the same time. These kids can clearly make a difference to the society if they can learn some theory based on their chosen field in english and their native language.
We have to create curriculum (maths/science/social) from the reality for that chosen field so that they enjoy learning and are also not robbed of their childhood.

There are many child laborers and many colleges that provide education in areas from agriculture; food processing; art and list goes on. The industry which employs these young ones should have kind heart in giving them funds and time to educate these folks. The governments should have clear policies and rebates to set up "school cum work/factory" so that it is all legalized and people are happy doing what they are very keen to do and the economy is also developed and creates a better world.

This will create specialists in a particular field giving them knowledge on the subject / finance / political / social ecosystem. I read some time back about the Montessori method of learning that emphasizes practical work supported by theory. We have to have somewhere in between Montessori and Harvard

Sunday, August 21, 2016

CAD / Inflation / Growth - Ye sab kyan Hein

We are all very passionate about India and its growth - economically/socially/politically. As a citizen of India even I am interested and always believed in its growth story. To that end have been trying to understand how money that is coming in from exports; mainly software and other is channelized into the national growth.

I have an avid interest in the convergence of politics and economics. As our former FM and Harvard alumni Mr. P.Chidambaram had said "Good economics is good politics"; easier said than done though.

The Congress and the BJP major parties at the center have contributed to the nation's growth immensely and they are entitled to have political agenda as well. The corporate sector is sharing the responsibility and help the nation evolve as global brand and power.

To begin with; I started watching business channels like CNBC-TV 18; Bloomberg and all other CNBC US content; I am very grateful to all the anchors and the channel for providing so much information and content. Recently read the book "Who moved my Interest rates" from Mr.D.Subbarao and found it very insightful.

Thanks to MMS ji; our country is on the global map and contributing to the world economy.It is a fact that Indian economy is coupled with the global economy and there is no way we can get away with it. So we have to focus on decreasing the current account deficit and trade deficit but we cannot completely become a closed economy but can definitely become self-reliant.

This is the jargon that i got to hear from all these sources.
My understanding is we have to develop our strengths and export as much as we can while import whatever we are not so good at; by doing this we will have enough dollar money with us. Make-In-India is a great initiative supporting this cause to decrease imports. We have to go beyond manufacturing and implement in folk arts; khadi and all other areas that employ rural community.
My idea of self-reliance is not to become a somewhat closed economy and have our own Baidu; Alibaba etc...I respect the chinese for the development that has been done in the last decade or more. They are very successful in converting and multiplying every dollar they have got from the outside world. It is very exciting that china is now shifting focus on services and real estate infra development - they now have Disney.The growth is very well penetrated than India.
Our growth is limited to around 30 km from the main cities. The rural india doesn't have homes for the farmers and poor and they do not have malls or cinema.

In the last few decades we have not built any significant infra than Golden-Quadrilateral; thanks to the vision of Atalji. We have spent lot of money in social schemes like MNREGA but have not seen the infra developed through those schemes; this is not allegation but am at least am not aware.
The indian rupee has gone down from 40 to 67 today in the last decade and we are one of the major developing countries in the world growing at 6% or more.

We have scope to make things even better and transparent and take India to the next level.
We have to have our own Disney Land / Harvard / Las-Vegas and yet grow our tradition.

Coming to next most important thing - Inflation.

Well when i started shopping groceries way back in early 2000 ; the price of urad dal was 45 per kg and today it is 200/- and the indian rupee is at 67. We are neither rich nor prices have stabilized.
Jargon - supply side inflation.
Fix: Interest rate have to come down
What's happening ? Simple we are not producing our own food that is required; forget exports. we are focussing too much on services growth and have forgotten our own roots. the number of people employed in agriculture has gone down in the last decade or more. We have enough land and people and we can take the technology support to grow more but we are still thinking.
India is a poor country and only cities can afford this high prices but at the same time the farmer has to earn well.So it is very much essential the consumer has to pay right price and the producer has to earn the right money.
Our economy is dependent on agriculture and business community in india cannot sell their products and services if it fails; but can grow better if they grow. Hence we have to produce more to become self-reliant and that in turn generates growth.

On one end we have slow growth and another end we have high inflation. It is good to have both but not at the cost of each other.
We hear at lot about FED and interest rates - they share the jobs/employment data with inflation numbers.
India shares information only about inflation. Its high time we have to have this data so that people are more educated about the opportunities and threats. The software companies share information about employee count but we are hazy about farm sector.

Software engineer earns a lot of money. He spends well on roti / kapda / makaan and now many fancy services including "fitness and lifestyle". There are now listed fitness companies in India. this creates employment and generates demand for home-grown products and services. We need to have many more companies starting from agriculture and food processing to feed this consumption and should penetrate even more to create a parallel economy.

P.S Have tried to present my understanding and not certify my knowledge.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

App Economy with 3rd Platform

We are in the social revolution; the business community is listening to the consumer and providing solutions to all the needs in short time. we have come a long way and mobile is making life easier for us but will be great if it gets much more simple.
This is made possible by software in the whole life cycle.

The print media and the radio were the first ones that enabled consumer reach but this did not provide two way engagement model.

Then we had TV that connected business community with the masses; there were ads and business community used to pay hefty amounts of money to reach the consumer and create a brand.
This is again is a one way model and doesn't provide continuous engagement on a individual basis with the business community.

Then we had google and with search people can search for everything and can get solutions and make decisions and this to an extent was an approach that could reach individuals but again it was one way and cannot provide continuous engagement with the consumer.

Then came facebook and twitter and other social media apps that provided most of the answers and could engage consumers on individual basis at large scale. In google platform people download apps and it is a tedious process to have one app each for every need. Also the users tends to do decision making based on social rank. It will be a great thing for the consumer to have one interface and platform for all his needs.The social media apps and the apps will have to converge at some point to make things lot more simple.

It will be great if we have mobile interface for all the needs for an individual profile and all things in one or minimal number of interfaces - more simplistic.
I should have my bank; my social media; my shopping; my news; my entertainment including TV; my health monitor; my wealth monitor; my devices all in the mobile with much more simplicity.

Now we have all the media digitized and the consumer having mobile and other devices; we need to connect the two.

there are many devices and many steps in each that are involved in journey between. there is content provider; infra provider; technology or app sw provider and these will add to the cost and complexity. this adds to the time for decision making and delivering value.
Hence it is economical to have content in one place and have it sent to all the channels; this will drive the industry towards vertical convergence and consolidation. This will enable the business community to engage with end consumers on a individual basis at scale.

The amount of work going on in artificial intelligence; automation and bots will make sense only with content being in one place and accessible to all devices and mostly engages the consumers; analyze and provide value in no time. TV will get more social and will not necessarily be a broadcast medium.we will have cord cutting and internet providing content to the TV sets and engaging the consumers. the cable industry will have to consolidate and converge with telecom and or internet service provider.

The ARPU of the telecom service provider has gone up only with data and will continue to improve; the content like Netflix is hosted on amazon and in some cases the cable and internet has converged.The ad revenue of content or media providers is now shared with the internet and telecom infra is a commodity and is moving towards NFV and more virtualization.

this will lead to the vertical integration so that users are engaged and can be provided value in most efficient and cost effective manner.

so we will have more software in the journey of info-value and the business or enterprise itself is undergoing vertical integration and getting ready for a mega-trend.

This will require the technology companies to provide apps with social interface which will provide employment opportunities and that in turn will provide employment in the local domain of the emerging world like india and other countries. people say that automation will take away jobs but technology disruption has ended up in creating many more jobs and rejuvenating the economy - creating need for more houses/food/clothing and all other services.

App Economy will surely change the course of the world and will drive the world towards software defined social world and make things more simple for the consumer.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Digital World - convergence of Mobile / Internet / TV / Social

We are in the digital generation. Most of our thoughts / actions / psychographics are all captured in the social media. The whole world understands what we are and each one is creating his own brand.
So we have lots and lots of data being created. We are in the era where the enterprise is becoming digital and now the whole world is getting there - the individual / Small Business / Large enterprise everyone are exchanging information and providing value.

We are in the era where we think of one requirement; the next few days we have the solution. we are in the era of continuous delivery. It is available for the whole life cycle of an individual. It is all digital starting from birth to death. we will have balance sheet digital / GDP data digital and government moving towards digital.

There are Mobile Service providers; Internet SP and cloud Service providers. Soon this will consolidate and converge by 2020. Content and social media giants will be the ones who will converge all technology forms to reach consumers and connect with the business and make it the consumers world.

Today people share info about all experience through digital media. the TV soon is moving towards that and we will have customized advertisement. In the google days it all used to be page rank and used ad-words to reach the consumer through the digital platform. Now this will expand to the TV and soon we will have convergence of TV / Internet / Mobile / Social - everything connected.

we browse and post some comment on facebook / twitter and the next moment we will have ads and solutions related to our post on TV and social media. we will slowly move from page rank to social search / rank - the number of people talking about the given topic and hence the product or service. each ad will be personalized and can have better segmentation. People will watch the match on TV and post on social media but get to see the ads based on their activity both on TV and social platform.

The broadcast of TV can and will be segment even more finely - people in delhi will get different ad from people in bangalore. people of one group get different ad when compared to the other group. More of software in broadcast satellite TV.

Companies that digitize the whole info cycle stand to gain. Its going to be few full stack players going forward.
we are in for the convergence at its best - the convergence of Devices;Mobile/ Internet / TV / Social !

We are in for a major revolution - watch your thoughts; can be heard ?
Its democratic and its social and hence self regulated to a great extent.
People will drive the world forward and not driven by the business.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

World with Purpose - Trip to rameswaram

Its christmas time and we are in 2016. It has taken a lot of time in getting here. We have had the Industrial revolution; Internet revolution; Space revolution and Social/Mobile revolution is going on. What has been the driving force behind all this - attribute to the hunger of human desire to do well for themselves and hence the nation and the world.

Had been to rameswaram temple a few days back; temple is a great one. The ambiance is great and so is the lord. Easily one of the must visit places. In india and hinduism we have god for every emotion.
People worship different gods for different purpose or need - believe that their wishes will come true with the blessings. Rameswaram attracts people for beaches and history behind the place.

overwhelmed by the crowd and their bhakti towards god. There were people from all over India and we could see a few foreigners as well. What drives people to the temples and religious places - is it just for killing time or to seek blessings for their own good and hence the world. people talk and discuss about various things during the journey. People should have had a good purpose behind.
India and the world is not ambivalent after all; they seek a great world where freedom of thought and speech with individualism is celebrated.

the indian mythology has taught us that there is politics everywhere and Lord krishna is a great master in that. There is a rambe; urvashi; menake to break the penance too. we have a lot of leadership and management lesson in our history. There is every opportunity to influence and negotiate as it involves people and exchange of thoughts. Over the years people have been visiting temples and other religious places and we are here today celebrating the glory of world. So it proves that people should have been wishing well for themselves and everyone and world is a great place because of its innate desire to do well for themselves and the world.

Everyone in the world is here with a purpose and it is not just pulling the leg of the other to succeed but do better for themselves.

Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavantu Samastha sanmangalani bhavanthu - World has a place for all and nobody has to step on each other for survival and success !!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

3rd Platform/Full Stack - Eco System vs Single Vendor

21st century Business Life Cycle - Software defined Social Business

Product Development Lifecycle

The Product Development Lifecycle is a SILO or an island in itself. There are various steps in the cycle and are automated with the software to a large extent. The product is designed and developed with the help of software and now with cloud it is more easy and available readily on the shelf with IaaS; PaaS and SaaS for software products.There is an increase in the social software and the employees are exchanging ideas and also interact with the customers to develop a new product or a service.  There is interaction between the business and the customer based on the product.

The another SILO or island is the customer life cycle.
The Customer Life Cycle starts with the need awareness and search for the solution. Google has provided a lot of help in this; people search for their need and do lot of research on the net. There are tools like youtube and others to provide knowledge about the problem and also the solutions. The net has a lot of data that provides help in the selection of a suitable solution and even compare the solutions on hand. The customer makes the purchase after due diligence available at hand. Now with the rise of social media the customer also shares lot of information with the business even after the purchase is done; the customer also has the power to share the information with the prospective customers and world at large. There is interaction between the business and the customer based on the customer.

The Future:
Future will be more about integrating the two SILOs and automating the whole business. The business will have Production; Marketing and Sales. The three will be separate  functions yet collaborate more effectively to be more productive and reduce time to market. The technologies like Social Mobile Analytics and Cloud will be more integrated and connect the business with customer at every touch point. There will be a continuous flow of information between the business and the customers to enable continuous product development.The business is slowly moving into a software defined social business. Software will be a great enabler to integrate the two SILOs; we can expect lot more innovation rolling out.

There are two ways in achieving this goal one is the ecosystem and the other is one company providing all the services.

Type 1:  Eco-System

VMware is probably only major player or only player in this category.

Production / Development:

VMware along with Pivotal and EMC have been working on solutions like Real time Analytics and Data Lakes. It is automating the production and making it more rational. It has partnered with GE and has been improving the manufacturing process with Internet of Things.
Compute/network/Storage is converged and the data center is completely software based. 
The world is inching towards containers but VM is slowly catching up. The enterprise is slowly moving to mobile and all the enterprise apps will have to eventually move to mobile. VMware seems to have more affinity towards windows as the market share of windows in the enterprise server side is significant. VMware has to slowly move towards a platform that costs less; performs better and integrates well with non-windows dominant platforms like android and iOS.
VMware has to become the OS of the cloud and not depend on windows in the long run.

VMware acquired Airwatch; Dynamic Ops and other companies and providing enterprise mobility.

Marketing / Sales:

SalesForce; Adobe and Anaplan are digitizing and automating the marketing and sales; and integrating the marketing and sales with production; reducing time to market and decreasing cost.

Service Providers:

In Eco-System service providers play a major role in the integration of technologies.VMware is working closely with the telcos and mobile service providers to roll out more important services on the mobile. Again the continuous delivery is limited to apps of the enterprise and still in SILOs.
Am not knowledgeable about the capabilities and limitations of RabbitMQ in integration of apps but SnapLogic seems to be doing well in this important area.

The going has been tough is this area and could have been more successful.

VMware is currently focused on enterprise but customers would like to get more business besides saving money. It should raise above meeting the needs of an administrator and CIO and meet the needs of CMO and CEO as well. 

If it has already been doing that; it will be great if we can get some case studies.

Type 2: Full stack 

Players: Google 

Each of these players have their strengths which the world is aware of but the one that stands out is google and the next is amazon. The key is their customer base and knowledge of their business.
The strength of google is the eco-system. there are 1.6 million apps available on android. Google kubernetes is making impact in the enterprise.Google is slowly providing internet services. Also it has launched TV. 
It is already stepped into the next major wave of innovation - convergence of TV/Mobile/Internet/Social. It can do well if it gets search right soon.

Google foot print in enterprise is less today but will increase for sure with mobile and may even replace windows on the server side.

IBM partnering with Apple is a great combination and will only expedite the enterprise moving towards mobile. It is providing cloud services all over the world. It has partnered with cloud foundry. But it is limited to enterprise but doing well integrating apps.

Microsoft is the king of desktop and the enterprise but with the world moving towards mobile will only make things difficult. 

Amazon is the leader in public cloud and is slowly moving towards the convergence but does not have a app eco-system. 

Interesting times ahead for sure.

Social and Mobile will converge enterprise with consumer.
We are moving towards MIPS - Million Individuals Per Second. We will have SPs specializing in  managing devices having professional and personal data. 

Will we have M & A?