Friday, August 8, 2014

Software Defined Social World

Since the beginning of human race there is need and there is solution. Solution is given by the producers and consumed by the consumers. First it was Industrial Revolution; then it was Internet revolution and now it is mobile/social media revolution.They have developed a relationship over the years and it has gone little deeper to individual level with the help of technologies around us especially software. Over the years Software has accrued the trust of producers as it has solved the problems in "product life cycle" and consumers supporting "customer life cycle";  decision making.
The request-response cycle time between the producer and consumer has reduced over the years and the decision making has become more informed and rational.
Business; microsoft introduced the desktop to the consumer; it was a microsoft world all the way. Now it is apple everywhere; we are now in the Post-PC era with more mobile/tab. Apple/google set to dominate the enterprise and consumer.

Future :

Business community:

In the future the business community will continue to serve the consumers with more passion and individual connect and trust. The business will have integrated production;marketing and sales-the business will connect/listen to the individual consumer over social applications on mobile. the business will be able to provide right value to the right customer at the right price at right time. the business will have more software to accomplish this and the development environment of the future will be on tab and mobile with google; vmware;salesforce and apple supporting the developers not just microsoft as it used to be. we will have databases other than from oracle as we move towards systems of engagement from systems of record. the analytics companies will not be confined only to financial services. software will be written not just in walled organizations but everywhere even from an individual. Java and Apple Objective-C will be the languages of future. Infrastructure will be converged and virtualized.
Marketing will connect with customers at the individual level and will collaborate with the customers for product marketing and communications.Marketing will be more influence based; we will have more brand ambassadors in the connected world. We will have lesser banner advertising and more of individual gaming/graphics/text based advertising aimed at individuals.The organizations will have more content supporting their products and services. I see lot more software that will come in to the TV world and converging with the social media and social commerce.
Sales will not be based only on price and is not the end of customer life cycle but the beginning. We will see lot more customization in the years ahead.
We will have product marketing/development; project management; supply chain management;human resource management; customer relationship management working more closely with chargeback than ever and focused on the customer rather than the product or the service.
Cloud / Mobile Service provider will be the hub of innovation connecting the business with consumers.


Customer will have applications for every need - financial services; news; education; media and entertainment; social; e-commerce; retail on the mobile and he will have all the information for his decision making on his mobile. All this software will be available for free to the individual consumer. The consumer will pay only for the actual services. We will carry forward the business model of search and social software. Internet era was about having one desktop; one email-id per user; now it is about having one mobile per user having social handle/profile;website;blog. It is all about building personal brand in the connected world.

Machines or Manufacturing:

we will have machines too sending information and joining the revolution.

The result: More software in the lives of people and transforming everyone. 
Future is all about "software defined social business-world" transforming everyone. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Real Time Intelligence for Telecommunications by Pivotal - connecting producers and consumers in real time

We have just discussed about the trust software has accrued over the years in the minds of people in the world to solve problems. We have also discussed about the Service as a Platform that connects the producers and consumers.
Here we get a little deeper and discuss about the means of delivery of value and software developments happening in this area.

Services on Mobile - Telecom Service Provider

We are all using mobile these days not only for voice but for data services including social media. we use mobiles for researching the product or the service and selecting them. The mobile service provider is providing the services on the mobile for various purpose in the form of applications. Today we use these native applications that are downloaded on to your mobile and provide solutions for the problems; we have to wait to download the new version of the software for new features or new services. There are applications for every need. The telecom service provider has invested in cloud for the delivery of services.
People trust software and now mobile and social media for all their needs. The solution of the future has to integrate all of them and provide solutions in real time.

Future - Real Time

The scenario is the producers and consumers are exchanging information but not in real time; imagine this communication to be in real time. The consumer provides information to the producer about the requirements and the producer develops the value and provide the service in real time - time to market has reduced significantly.  The platform that connects the producer and consumer has to be not only real time but also intelligent. The platform will have to incorporate data of all the consumers - feed from social media or otherwise on mobile. So what - every consumer's request does not qualify as a general requirement or feature of the product or the service. The company has to analyze the requirements; position the product or service and target the solution to the consumer. This cannot be done completely manually; again we need sophisticated software for analysis of data in very large scale.
The need is an intelligent platform that hosts the communication of the producer and consumer
and provides value to the consumer and solves the problems of the producer.

It is not enough if the intelligent platform connects the producer and the consumer; it also has to solve the problems of the consumer. The producers have trusted software for their solutions. Now cloud is solving all the software and infrastructure problems. The producer can have infrastructure on demand. The producer can analyze the requirement; develop the solution and deliver the solution to the consumer in shortest possible time.

Pivotal together with VMware and EMC have got integrated solutions for all the points we have discussed above. If the delivery of value happens to be on the mobile then these solutions are futuristic.

The pivotal Real Time Intelligence for telecommunication is futuristic solution that provides this platform.
Cloud Foundry is the software platform to develop solutions.
Pivotal one is the analytics platform.
Airwatch to manage mobile devices and services/apps.

Read the blog for vision 2020 of Pivotal:
VMware along with Pivotal is all set to manage from datacenter to devices and provide platfom for services in the 21st century.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Service as a Platform - Software Platform to connect producers with consumers

We are in the 21st century and the world is doing good according to Bill Gates. Thanks to technology and software we have services for every need. In this decade of social media and mobile the exchange of information is even more intense and there is active dialogue between the producer and the consumer. The producer and consumer can be an individual or a business but their requirements are more or less same - provide value for the information consumed.

End User / Consumers

The consumer can be an individual or a business seeking value. The consumer provides information and expects the value in return in quick time. The service can be in any domain - financial; social; retail; manufacturing; transport; software; hardware or anything.During the old era the consumer had to personally visit the producer and exchange information and get his value. The software and internet has solved the problem and now the consumer can have his value delivered sitting at his home or anywhere using his mobile phone. He can not only elucidate about his requirement; he can can also select the vendor for the solution and decide about the solution. He also can leave his comments on the social media about the service. The consumer is more heard and he holds the key - it is becoming the buyer's market.
IT and software has solved the problems of the consumer. IT and software is the means through which the solutions to all the problems in all the domains like finance; transport; sales; manufacturing all are delivered.
The business user has all the infrastructure including software in place to meet the needs of the consumer; how-ever some choose to have software and technology infra on demand. The business user on the other hand is expected to have the required software infrastructure to meet their requirements. The organizations who do not have the required infrastructure can meet their infrastructure requirements with the service providers like Amazon; Microsoft; VMware and others.
The organizations can use the service providers at their peak loads and need not have infrastructure for the peak load.The business consumer has also relied on software for choosing the solution.

The workforce is getting mobile and like to use their mobiles for their official work. The need is to provide software and other infrastructure on their mobile and tablets.

There is hardly any difference between the consumer as an individual and the business-both of them need software; hardware and all the solutions related to finance; transport etc..

The summary is that software and hardware  are doing great as a means to reach the individual and the business as consumers. Consumers have accepted software as the means for their needs - after all we live in the digital world. People tend not to choose producer that have a negative feedback in the social media - word of mouth or voice of the nation/world.The consumer - individual or business has shown trust in software as a means to deliver his value or decision making.

The need of the hour for the consumer in this digital software world is a platform that provides the exchange of ideas and get the value he seeks in return - he needs the solutions to his problems in any domain in shortest possible time.


The producer seeks information and provides value. The producer can offer his services for problems in any domain like financial; transport; manufacturing;software or hardware or any other thing.
The producer needs tools to solve his problems and over the years he has used software / hardware to solve his problems. The producer has shown trust in software to solve his problems. It is proven that the producer has used software at least to make his process or product more efficient.
The business as a producer may not able to solve the problem on their own; he may have to collaborate with other business in order to solve a problem. The software here also made a lot of ground and people trust software even for these complex problems.
The producer is looking to showcase his product or service and is seeking customers for his business.
The producer has developed website and now he is in social media building relationships with the consumers while sharing information about his business needs.

The individual or business producer have lot of things in common and have shown lot of trust in software in automating their business and also taking their business to the world.
There used to be trade fairs where the producers would meet consumers and exchange their ideas and do business. The fairs are present even till date. The need now for the business community is tools that solve their problems at the best rate and connect with the customers. The business need a fair all through the year and continuous exchange of ideas and business.

Service as a Platform - software to connect producers with consumers:

The concept of B2B or B2C is outdated. Now it is  P2P - time for connecting each consumer with producers.  
The concept of IaaS; PaaS and SaaS is all providing the means for doing business in a trusted environment. Can we call this Service as a Platform or Business Virtualization.
The producers and consumers both trust software.The 21st century business will be held on a software platform - the convergence of social mobile analytics cloud and internet of things that connects business with customers in an environment of trust.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Riding the SMAC revolution in India - US consumerism in India

India is a great country with great culture, Indian culture has the Ramayana and the Mahabharata as the great epics. We have the Taj. There are many many people following many religions and speaking many many languages. We were all doing fine tried hard to meet ends, globalization happened and we were exposed towards IT and the world. This changed the life style of many people, this has given new dreams for the people. many many people become millionaires and one of the 50 richest people in the world is an Indian from the IT world.
IT has provided homes to lot of people. IT has definitely changed our lives, the world around us has become very small. Lot of Enculturation /acculturation is happening internally as well as w.r.t the outside world. We have modeled and have been thinking in the global perspective. We are trying to get a balance between the Indo-US-west culture. Indian holiday list and the celebration of many of the Days' like valentine's and new years is a great example. India and eastern world is enjoying the Apple phone and the PC and mobile has pervaded to the remote corner of the country.

The world is not philanthropic but instead the west has created a great market for all the products and the solutions, it is giving immense personal growth and prosperity to many many individuals as they help the people in the eastern world.
Indians and the eastern world is enjoying the transformation while the west is also reaping benefits. There are a huge lot of people who are not exposed to IT, its riches, glamor, the culture.

How can these people be brought to the IT culture to enable a second growth cycle. How can the mobile penetration be effective in this second phase? Do we need a cost effective market oriented collaborative solutions that are delivered to the mobile customers?

The convergence of social mobile analytics and cloud has given the answer. IT can reach many more individuals through the social media and mobile. Today we use mobile and social to search products and services like restaurants and holidays and many more. Today people are using Facebook in every corner of India.IT should be penetrated deeper into India to solve local problems and educate the people. There is a lot of scope for IT here in India. India should create market for IT like the US; the internet penetration has to go up and US consumerism has to become a norm in the Indian cities; towns and villages.

We have a lot of things to do in the SMAC era - we need to transform India and the world.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Transformation of Individual - Business Model of 21st century

Information Technology has played a major role in transforming an individual by providing all the services to the people of the world. It has contributed a lot since the mainframe days to the desktop era and the internet era. The journey has been great and we have reached great success in reaching the individual. In the main frame era there was hardly any reach; the desktop era there were applications that an individual could use. The internet era opened up new opportunities and world became flat and there was instant communication across the world and hence the individual was gratified with the help that internet provided the individual. During the internet era the individual had to hook on the internet through a computer and get the services. Now it is the era of mobile; now the users or people have the advantage of connecting to the world through their hand held devices. This is a great achievement of the technology.  The users need not work hard for their gratification. There is abundant knowledge available in their hands and they have services for every need.

The business needs people / customers and the people need help for their needs and want. People also need to trust the business for choosing the services. The social media has provided a great platform for the exchange of information related to any business and any service. Today we can see how many followers are there for a particular business service or how many likes the business has got for the given service or the application. We can also get information about how many of your trusted friends have chosen the service or the business. So social media is providing the trust that the users / people need to exchange. The platform is set for a greater celebration of the individual.

The business have been transformed and are in the cloud era to take advantage of the current developments and provide the service to the people.

The convergence of social; mobile; analytics and cloud is all set tot transform the individual even more and even better. This is an era of individual and the business will meet the need of every individual and transform them.The individuals can make informed decisions about their products and services and hence we have reached a point where we can trust our business more and have the solution for every need.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

SMAC and data integration - Analytics-as-a-service !!

This is the age of social mobile analytics cloud. People are providing information and seeking value from the business in a short time.There are many social media channels and people are more than happy to interact with the business and the business is making the most of the interaction. Now all business have twitter handles and Facebook pages; business have joined the social media revolution. There is data everywhere and this needs to be converted to valuable information. Hence we need assimilation engines that process data in real time and provide information at the right time. There are various analytics tools providing solution for the need.

Valuable Data is created is SILOs and there is a need for data integration and analytics. In the traditional and legacy application it was more about analysis of the old data that is archived within the firewall and integrated with other companies. Now this data is combined with the social media data from the end user; this data was hardly captured and analysed in the old times. Now this data is available and needs attention as it is coming from the valuable customers. As we progress into the converged cloud world; the focus will be more on data analysis that is generated from the social media applications on mobile and providing value back to the user through the social/mobile interface. The assimilation process can be automated to a good extent but it needs experts to visualize data and make meaningful insights from the information.

Pivotal offers product that processes data in real time and provides information to the business user.
Informatica offers interesting products on data integration in the cloud; the latest in the list is snaplogic. There are tools like boomi as well offering solutions.Not to forget; there are also solutions from stalwarts IBM and Oracle.

The benchmark for all these tools is the time it takes to assimilate data and convert it into actionable insight. Pivotal along with EMC and VMware will be an end-to-end solution right from creating data; analysis of the data and storing of the data covering the complete life cycle of the data and the customer.There are obvious advantages in using these end-to-end solutions as data gets diverse.

Data integration will be important and will gain more importance as the journey of SMAC and applications progresses. The winners will have to integrate the data in the private clouds with the social media data and provide actionable insight to the business user and customers in quick time. It will be interesting times ahead for SMAC and integration. Data Integration/Management will surely converge with data analytics and it will be more of Analytics-as-a-service.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Business Virtualization - Software defined Social Business

Business has threee major functions Development / Production; Marketing and Sales. There has been lot of innovation in each of these three areas. There is a lot of software in each of the three areas. Now there is cloud ; big-data ; social and mobile. There is more software that is going into these areas. it is the consolidation phase lot of redundant code is being taken away.

Development / Production
The IT department provides the necessary resources for the development and production; now with virtualization the servers are better used. The provisioning and the configuration of the process has been automated to a large extent with software. Now the network and the storage is converging with compute and lot of redundant code is being taken out. Lot of complexity is being removed and is being simplified.
Now we need not have a HP openview and NaviCli configuring the network and storage and managing the resources. We will have one console managing the three resources-compute; network and storage.
The future is not only the convergence of the three resources and infrastructure but also making it more mobile;social and intelligent.
We not only can configure all the resources with one tool; we can also do it using our iphone or Tab. We can also listen to the events on the social media and respond to those events in real time from our phone / tab.
There are answers not only to How the configuration can be made but also to the why and what of the configuration. The resources can be added and removed on the go based on the events or the internal and external factors including social media events. The decision making can be done at real time.
The area of data management; data quality and data warehousing is converging and giving way to in-memory processing and real time analytics.
Not many companies are driving this transition; VMware is the leader in this transition and enabling the convergence of the Infra and people.
VMware is building the platform for Infrastructure / Development / Production.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales has also undergone major innovation and companies like SalesForce; IBM; Adobe and Oracle are driving innovation.VMware is working on big-data and analytics but not on all the tools / applications of marketing and sales.
Now there is consolidation in these areas as well; multiple applications have been consolidating into bundles or marketing suites covering all the areas. There are tools to make decisions real time based on the internal and external events.The focus of these companies is to provide good customer experience along with the regular marketing and sales functions.
In a way they are building plaform / cloud for marketing and sales.
A great write up by Charlene-Li on this for further details:

Figure 1: How Three Companies Are Creating Digital Marketing Suites
Social media monitoringSalesforce Marketing Cloud (Radian6)Adobe Social (Adobe SocialAnalytics)Oracle SRM (Collective Intellect)
Social media managementSalesforce Marketing Cloud (Buddy Media)Adobe Social (Efficient Frontier / Context Optional)Oracle SRM (Vitrue & Involver)
Social media advertisingSalesforce Marketing Cloud ( Media Optimizer (Efficient Frontier)N/A for now; on product roadmap
Marketing automation & multi-channel targetingSalesforce ExactTargetAdobe Campaign (Neolane)Oracle Eloqua
Analytics & insightsSalesforce Marketing Cloud (Radian6)Adobe Analytics (Omniture)Oracle SRM and OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition)
Content marketingNo internal component, but integration (e.g. Kapost)Experience Manager & Creative CloudCompendium
Enterprise social networkChatterN/A, although has built collaboration into Marketing CloudOracle Social Network
Data & CRMSalesforceNo CRM, but has Omniture DataWarehouse and data connectors into partner solutionsOracle Database (plus Siebel), Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Commerce

Convergence of these platforms or suites for Business virtualization. The cloud service providers have all the chance to integrate these two platforms and provide the holistic view of the business.
Will each of the vendors build the platforms they do not have and have a single platform for development; marketing and sales?